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Sankofa United Volunteers

Sankofa United's parent and community volunteers enable us to bring an amazing elementary school experience to our kids. We are always looking for new people to chip in on an event, supervise a fun activity, or spend time in the classroom.

Volunteers who work directly with kids must go through volunteer clearance.

Please support us by taking this important step!

Volunteers we need this school year



Room Parents

Be the communication hub between parents and the teacher, school administration, and PTA. Help organize class gifts and events that make the school year memorable for the class.


Communications Committee

Help us spread the word about Sankofa United through the PTA website, social media and other channels. 

We want to keep the focus on giving all kids the education they deserve. By supporting with fundraising, you will help to get resources where they are most needed.

Outdoor Family Day

Community Building

Create opportunities for Sankofa United families to build an inclusive and respectful community while having fun and building trust.


Campus Beautification

Help us make our campus a beautiful and welcoming space for learning, play and building community.



Have a knack for carnival games? Are you willing to try to paint a kid's face? Want to pop the popcorn or plan the playlist?

We always need help with events and the more the merrier!

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