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Enrichments available to all students at Sankofa United

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with MOCHA

Sankofa United is thrilled to welcome a full-time arts instructor, Mary Lawrence, back to campus this year. Every student enjoys a weekly art class with her, and she additionally provides professional development and support for teachers as they integrate arts into the classroom.

Dance with Teacher Olallie

All students participate in a weekly dance class with Teacher Olallie, an artist, dancer, choreographer, and credentialed teaching artist. In dance class, students make choices, explore preferences, work with others, reflect, play lots of games, and find joy, pleasure, connection, rigor, and fun.

Physical Education with Coach T.

Coach Tokumbo is back at Sankofa United, keeping our students' bodies strong and their minds engaged! Every classroom has two weekly sessions with Coach T.

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BACR after-school care

The BACR program provides a safe after-school program at no cost and with tons of enrichment activities.

Weekly library time

Sankofa United has a beautiful library overflowing with books, managed by Ms. T. Every classroom gets a weekly library visit!

Gardening program

All of our classes get their hands dirty in the school garden, learning about healthy eating, ecosystems and our environment.

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