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We've reached our winter fundraising goal!

Huge news! We'd set an ambitious goal to fully fund our art program (hi, Ms. Mary!) before Winter Break and....we have EXCEEDED that goal! 

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen, including, especially, Nick's Pizza, Shewhat Cafe, the Tannery on Telegraph, Sideshow Kitchen, all of our walk-a-thon volunteers, family and neighbors who made donations and everyone wearing Sankofa United t-shirts and cheering on our students every day!

Money we raise for the rest of the school year will be spent on direct student support, teacher and  staff appreciation, field trips and events!

Yard signs are available for all families!

Show your school pride with a Sankofa United yard sign! They're available for pickup in the Parents' Room, and of course we'll have them out at school events. It's a great way to find other Sankofa kids you haven't met yet in the neighborhood!

We also have bumper stickers! Grab one from the office!

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